STEM Resource Centers

With support for the West Virginia Department of Education, Carnegie Science Center is pleased to collaborate with select STEM Resource Centers to provide quality STEM education to our local communities.

The Saint Louis Science Center is an informal learning environment where people of all ages and backgrounds engage with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Our mission inspires us to open minds to science— to develop fun, engaging, interactive, and approachable ways for our audiences to explore STEM and learn about the world around them. Through exhibitions, educational programs, films, and events, the Science Center provides a variety of ways for people to ignite their interest in science and technology and pursue opportunities to sustain that interest throughout their lives.

The West Virginia Department of Education works in partnership with key educational leaders and districts to create a world-class educational system for all students in the state of West Virginia. Objectives of the Department include establishing high expectations and create an engaging and orderly atmosphere to foster learning for all; delivering a standards-focused curriculum which values children’s developmental stages to assure all students attain the essential knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary in our global and digital age; and providing support services to address students’ physical, social/emotional and academic growth, and form positive connections to families and the community. The Department strives to ensure that facilities, fiscal resources, personnel, data, and technology systems add value to student learning. If you’d like more information about the Department, please visit