Green Bay Success!

It was a GREAT two days in Green Bay. Green Bay is not in my CESA, it is clear across the state. They contacted me after finding my info on your website, wrote Carnegie in to their NEA grant, and paid my agency to send me over there to work with their schools. The Emerging workshop was EXACTLY what they needed, and I am SO happy to help them as they continue their STEM journey. I spent one day with an elementary school that is already an Engineering school. They found some big gaps in Family Engagement and are planning a family engagement night in the fall. I also worked with the middle school that receives their kids. This school is just beginning the process of becoming a STEM school. They need to work on what that means to them and getting all their teachers up to speed. It was just great to see how the self-evaluation helped them learn, reflect, and notice their strengths and weaknesses.

Thank you for all the work you do. I am so glad I found you.