Stratford School, Saratoga, CA

Our school district located in Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA) and San Francisco bay area, with 6000 students enrolled in Preschool through Grade 8, was looking for an on-line assessment tool that could evaluate and track our schools STEM instructional practices and curriculum implementation.

Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway on-line assessment proved to be effective and illuminating. The Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway process allowed our schools to identify processes necessary for scaling integral components of our STEM curriculum adoption and stakeholders collaborated on Action Plan objectives. The action plans allowed our schools to create their own STEM journeys.

Now that we have conducted data analysis and end-of-school-year reporting, we have identified potential growth areas both internally and externally that we will better be able to address. The process has improved district specialty training to foster high quality STEM instructional practices. Our students benefited from this process and the evidence is reflected on our students' ability to maintain high scores while developing skills to think critically, communicate, collaborate and innovate. All of these are the 21st century skills today's students need for STEM career aspirations.

Our parent participation has improved as we bring their professional expertise to the classroom. We attribute this to the excitement and passion the Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway has brought to our campus(s). We look forward to continuing the process and working with Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway staff!